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SPECIAL SESSION 11:  Teacher Training Session
This teacher training session objective is to provide a few good examples of the use of new technologies for the teaching of science content. This session will be promoted by the Galileo Teacher Training Program team. We will introduce the participants to modern tools such as:

- Image processing software
- Hands-on science activities: building telescopes, spectroscopes, etc
- Robotic Telescopes
- Science Campaigns: International Asteroid Search Campaign, Supernova Campaign, Extra-Solar Planets Campaign
- Dark Skies Awareness.
 Date and schedule will be defined soon!
NOTE: Those attending this Session only will have a reduced fee of 60 euros (100 during late registration). Although grants might be available for a few participants,  results will only be known close to the meeting. Those who actually get the grant will be reimbursed of their fees.

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09h00    Constance Walker - The Dark Skies Ranger  Programme for GTTP
10h30    COFFEE BREAK  
11h00    Anita Heward - Star Reporters - Astronomy Journalism in Schools
12h00    Ana Costa and Leonor Cabral - The International Asteroid Search Campaign
14h30    Vadim Burwitz - Teaching Spectroscopy in the Classroom: a Practical Demonstration
15h30    Maria Luísa Almeida - Salsa J - Processing astronomical images @ school (Part I)
16h00    COFFEE BREAK  
16h30    Maria Luísa Almeida - Salsa J - Processing stronomical images @ school (Part II)
17h00    Maria Luísa Almeida - Telescópios Robóticos

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