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SPECIAL SESSION 6: New Trends in Global Astronomy Education


Science Education is acknowledged globally as a major aspect of a modern education system. But it is also known that the interest of the younger generations in science topics has been decreasing. A shift in traditional science teaching methodology is mandatory. Astronomy, and the fascinating developments of the last few years, can be a very powerful tool to achieve this goal. Besides its multidisciplinarity, it also has the power to attract the interest of different partners. Actually, the recently approved IAU Strategical Plan for the next 10 years foresee the use of Astronomy as a trigger to the development in several nations.  This can only be achieved if we steadily invest in capacity building by training educators and capacitating students to enter the work market properly prepared.

In this symposium we would like to discuss recent successes and challenges for the future. The recent success of IYA2009 brought a huge wave of interest and raised the awareness of the public in general towards Astronomy. It is mandatory that we use this opportunity to engage European authorities in broader usage of modern tools in schools all over Europe. We must invest in the construction of science culture as an official part of the upraising of future generations.


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09h00    Welcome
09h15    Rosa Doran - The GTTP - Now the future starts
09h30    Roger Ferlet - EUHOU
09h45    Constance Walker - New Trends in Using Globe at Night data
10h00    Daniel Brown - Peak into the Past - na Arechaeo Astronomy Summer School
10h15    Jose Espinosa - Early Science Education in Primary Schools
10h30    COFFE BREAK
11h00    Natasa Stanic - Art and Science Performance for all generation
11h15    Nino Kochiashvili - Astronomical Education in Georgia
11h30    Areg Mickelian - Astronomy for Students DVD
11h45    Thilina Heenatigala - Astro Book Drive - Sharing Materials to improve Astronomy Education
12h00    Victor Gudiel - HOU Spain - Recent Developments
12h15    Lucilia Santos - Teachers formation and practical activities in Astronomy for 1º CEB


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