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Welcome to the JENAM 2010 exhibition area. 
We are developing this section so expect updates during the next days.
An exhibition on subjects related to Astronomy and Space Science and Technologies will be open to the general public during the whole week.
Confirmed exhibitors include major players such as ESO and ESA, other Astronomical organisations, Scientific Publishers, instrumentation and  aerospace industry.
The exhibition will be at a big atrium, nearby the Poster and coffee break areas. It is a nice zone with high ceilings and large glassy areas (lots of natural light). Space is available for rental. The basic package is for the whole week and consists of approximately 4m² of space, table and chairs, panel for posters, coffee breaks for 2 people. Other setups can be arranged for. Contact us for a quotation.
Photos of the venue (click to enlarge)
List of confirmed exhibitors:

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NEW: The map of the exhibition (click to open/download). The number of free slots is limited.
JENAM 2010 Expo
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