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SPECIAL SESSION 2: Radio-Astronomy in Iberia


RadioAstronomy and its techniques are rightly recognized as a driver of scientific and technological development worldwide, in synergy with important areas like Information and Computing Technologies, Electronics, Geophysics and Geodesy and also several niches of Space Sciences.

Portugal and in particular Spain will host a collection of radioastronomical facilities covering most of the radio spectrum, from decametric to mm-waves, paving ground for a new generation of scientists with the potential to promote long term scientific cross-border collaboration with an experimental focus along main European strategic lines. Recognizing i) the importance of bilateral cooperation between Portugal and Spain and taking advantage of the existence of several world class radioastronomical facilities in Spain like IRAM, Yebes 40-meter antenna, high-rank developments for ALMA, EVN, space observatories like Herschel, and near-future projects like RAEGE with Açores, and LOFAR stations planing ii) that Portugal has a number of pathfinder experiments like GEM-P, Porto solar radiospectrograph, SKA demonstrators in deployment in Portugal mainland, and will host 2 telescopes of RAEGE project in Açores, iii) that infrastructure and spectrum protection can be coordinated, it becomes strategic to establish connections between communities.

This special session is open to both communities, where Portuguese and Spanish scientists and engineers are invited to exchange project know-how, present strategic research lines and foster collaborations  for future cooperation on R&D research, spectrum management, infrastructures. We envision a program of 3 talks from Portugal and 3 talks from Spain+posters addressing most of the projects, specially focused on instrumentation and infrastructures, followed by an open round table session.


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Marlene Assis (DRCTE - Gov. Açores)
Sonia Anton (CICGE/UP)
Dalmiro Maia (CICGE/UP)
Francisco Colomer (IGN)
Jesus Gomez Gonzalez (IGN)
Luisa Mendes (URSI, ANACOM)
Luis Cupido (IPFN)


Preliminary programme:
Domingos Barbosa : R&D for radioastronomy : the IT  connection
Dalmiro Maia : Instrumention and Radio Astronomy at CICGE - U. Porto (TBC)
Francisco Colomer - An Atlantic Network of Geodynamical Fundamental Stations (Project RAEGE)
Jose Antonio Lopez Fernandez - Instrumentation developments at the IGN (Spain)
Lourdes Montenegro - Radioastronomy at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA-CSIC)

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