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SYMPOSIUM 3: Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution


While many lines of evidence highlight the role of dwarf galaxies (DGs) in the cosmic scenery, as possible building blocks of Hubble-type galaxies and important contributors to the chemical enrichment of the universe, the formation and evolution of these systems is only sketchily understood. The nearby Universe reveals
a diversity of DGs, spanning a wide range in their photometric, morphological and chemical properties. Does this sizeable galaxy population share a common evolutionary history or rather consist of physically and evolutionary distinct subclasses?

This mini-symposium aims at providing a forum for observers and theoreticians to exchange ideas and new results on the many evolutionary aspects of DGs near and far: what have we learned thus far and which are the main opportunities and challenges for he near future.


More information at the symposium site: http://www.astro.up.pt/dwarfgalaxies2010



Jarle Brinchmann (Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands / CAUP, Portugal)
Elias Brinks (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
Marla Geha (Yale University, USA)
Gerhard Hensler (University of Vienna, Austria)
Yuri I. Izotov (Main Astronomical Observatory, Ukraine)
Thorsten Lisker (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Catarina Lobo (CAUP, Portugal)
Göran Östlin (Stockholm University, Sweden)
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (CAUP, Portugal)
Simone Recchi (University of Vienna, Austria)
Eline Tolstoy (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, The Netherlands)
Jose M. Vilchez (IAA-CSIC, Spain)





Thursday, 9th


09:00-09:05 Welcome note and general information
09:05-09:45 E. Skillman: Outstanding Questions in Dwarf Galaxy Research
09:45-10:05 C. Gallart: Constraints on the effects of reionization in the star formation history of dwarf galaxies: conclusions from the LCID project
10:05-10:30 J. Lee: Measuring Star Formation Rates in Dwarf Galaxies

14:30-15:10 N. Bergvall: Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies
15:10-15:35 J. Iglesias-Paramo: Properties of Hα emitting dwarf galaxies in nearby clusters
15:35-15:55 G. Hensler: Morphological mutations of dwarf galaxies

16:30-16:50 J. Kenney: Transformation of a Virgo Dwarf Irregular Galaxy by Ram Pressure Stripping
16:50-17:30 H. Jerjen: Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies: United and Divided
17:30-17:50 A. Rys: A SAURON study of dEs in the Virgo Cluster: stellar populations and kinematics
17:50-18:15 S. Salvadori: Stellar Archeology: a cosmological view of dwarf galaxies
18:15-19:00 Poster Session (to be confirmed)


Friday, 10th

09:00-09:40 U. Klein: The ISM of Dwarf Galaxies
09:40-10:05 P.-A. Duc: Tidal Dwarf Galaxies: from simulations to observations and vice versa
10:05-10:30 P. Weilbacher: 3D Spectroscopic Observations of Dwarf Galaxies

14:30-14:50 E. Brinks: LITTLE THINGS: an HI survey of Nearby Dwarf Irregulars
14:50-15:10 K. Pilkington: Cold Gas Content of Dwarf Galaxy Simulations
15:10-15:30 G. Mamon: Predicting the frequency of young and of tiny galaxies
15:30-15:50 D. Forbes: The Dwarf galaxy - Ultra Compact Dwarf connection
15:50-16:10 T. Goerdt: The formation of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies and nucleated dwarf galaxies

16:30-16:50 E.M. Wilcots: Feedback in Dwarf Galaxies
16:50-17:10 G. Östlin: Lya emission and Super-Star Clusters in dwarf galaxies
17:10-17:30 R. Amorin:Unveiling the nature of the "green pea" galaxies
17:30-17:50 G. Tenorio-Tagle Positive star formation feedback in super stellar clusters and in dwarf galaxies
17:50-18:30 Summary and Discussion


Poster Contributions

Kateryna Agiienko - WR-Galaxies in SDSS DR7
Yago Ascasibar - Formation and evolution of gas-rich dwarf galaxies
Ioannis Bagetakos - The Fine–Scale Structure of the neutral ISM in nearby Galaxies
Maya Belcheva - Spatial distribution of stellar components in the Magellanic Clouds
Giuseppe Bono - Stellar populations in nearby dwarfs: the cases of Carina dwarf spheroidal and of IC10 dwarf irregular
Jarle Brinchmann - Wolf-Rayet galaxies in the local Universe - constraints on stellar models and low metallicity GRBs
Luz Marina Cairos Barreto - The star-forming dwarf galaxy population in the Local Universe and beyond: the first 3D spectroscopic study of a large sample of Blue Compact Dwarf galaxies
Lorenz Denise - LPVs as indicators for distance and SFH in NGC 147 and NGC 185
Natalia Drake - Origin and evolution state of Fehrenbach & Duflot star
Igor Drozdovsky - Comparing the Local and Cosmic Star Formation Histories: Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarf Galaxies
J.M. Gomes - Physical properties of 6dF galaxies
Marco Grossi - Dust properties of star-forming dwarf galaxies in the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey
Bruno Henriques - Tidal Disruption of Satellite Galaxies in a Semi-Analytic Model of Galaxy Formation
Valentin D. Ivanov - Near-Infrared Properties of Irregular Dwarf Galaxies in Nearby Galaxy Groups
Peter Kamphuis - Warp or lag? The hydrogen gas in the edge-on dwarf galaxy UGC 1281
Sugata Kaviraj - A large, homogeneous dataset of tidal dwarf galaxies from the SDSS
Alexei Kniazev - Planetary Nebulae and HII regions as probes of the evolution of the nearest galaxies
Alexei Kniazev - Dwarf galaxies in the nearby Lynx-Cancer void: photometry, colours and ages
Alexei Kniazev - Metallicities of galaxies in the nearby Lynx-Cancer void
Patricio Lagos - IFU spectroscopy of HII galaxies
Ewa Lokas - The tidal stirring model and its application to the Sagittarius dwarf
Johannes Ludwig - Dwarf galaxies in nearby galaxy groups
Ilse De Looze - Dust in early-type dwarf galaxies
Ana Monreal-Ibero - A detailled 2D spectroscopic study of the central region of NGC5253
Tetyana Nykytyuk - A chemical evolution of Draco dwarf galaxy: monolithic or merger scenario?
Polychronis Papaderos - Extremely metal-poor Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies: photometric structure and evolutionary status
Sanjaya Paudel - Stellar population of early-type dwarf galaxy and their nuclei
Sanjaya Paudel - Stellar populations of Virgo cluster early-type dwarf galaxies with and without discs: a dichotomy in age?
Lidia Pieri  - The role of dwarf galaxies in the indirect search for dark matter
Simone Recchi - The [alpha/Fe] ratios in dwarf galaxies: evidence for a non-universal stellar initial mass function?
Joeri Schroyen  - Flat metallicity profiles in rotating dwarf galaxies
Jaan Vennik - Photometric properties of dwarf galaxies in nearby groups of galaxies
Erik Zackrisson - The red halos of galaxies
Erik Zackrisson - The first dwarf galaxies

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