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SYMPOSIUM 2: Environment and the Formation of Galaxies: 30 years later


It has been thirty years since the seminal work of Alan Dressler on the density-morphology relation, which established environment as a driving mechanism for galaxy formation and evolution. In the following three decades, we have learned that both local processes (nature) and environment (nurture) contribute towards shaping the galaxy populations, and the connection between these two aspects still remains an open question. Large, homogeneous redshift surveys have enabled us to quantify environment in a more consistent way. In addition, large galaxy surveys at different wavelengths allow us to study the physics behind the environmental dependence of galaxy properties. A combination of photo-spectroscopic data along with cosmological simulations of galaxy formation are essential to probe the dichotomy between the mass assembly and the star formation history, in connection with the environment where galaxies live.


Recent and upcoming surveys extend out to the high redshift Universe, where the effect of environment on galaxy formation will be more apparent on the underlying stellar populations. This Mini Symposium brings observations and theory together with the purpose of establishing the role of environment in the star formation and assembly histories of galaxies, including the dependence that look-back time imposes on environment mechanisms. The meeting will include a round table session where the latest results and ideas will be discussed by a number of experts, also encouraging active participation from the audience.


More information at the symposium site: http://www.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/~ipf/GF.html



Gabriela De Lucia (INAF Trieste)
Alan Dressler (Carnegie Observatories)
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (MSSL/UCL)
Sadegh Khochfar (MPE Garching)
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (MPIA Heidelberg)
Bianca Poggianti (INAF Padova)
Frank van den Bosch (Utah)



Final programme:


    DAY 1: Monday, September 6


    11:30-12:10  Alan Dressler                                  
                     "Galaxies and their environments -- past,
                     present, and future"

    12:10-12:30  Rien van de Weygaert
                     "The Void Galaxy Survey"

    12:30-13:00  Simone Weinamnn                                
                     "The dependence of galaxy properties on
                     environment at low redshift"

    13:30 Lunch

    14:30-14:50  Amata Mercurio                                 
                     "ACCESS: NIR luminosity function and stellar
                     mass function of galaxies in the Shapley
                     supercluster environment"

    14:50-15:10  Eric Wilcots                                   
                     "The Symbiotic Relationship Between the
                     Environment and Evolution of Galaxies
                     in Groups"

    15:10-15:30  Kelley Hess
                     "Galaxy Groups in the Coma-A1367 Supercluster"

    15:30-15:50  Paolo Serra
                     "Neutral hydrogen in early-type galaxies: the  
                     importance of environment"

    15:50-16:10  Francesco La Barbera                           
                 "The optical+NIR  (grizYJHK) Fundamental Plane  
                     of Early-type Galaxies: Dependence on local
                     and global environment"

    16:10 Coffee break

    16:30-16:50  Daniel Thomas
                     "Environment and self-regulation in galaxy    

    16:50-17:10  Ignacio Ferreras
                     "Does environment affect the star formation histories of
                      elliptical galaxies?"

    17:10-17:30  Boris Haeussler
                     "Are boxy/disky Ellypticals dependent on environment?"

    17:30-17:50  Sheona Urquhart                                
                     "An environmental Butcher-Oemler effect in
                     intermediate redshift X-ray clusters"

    17:50-18:10   Gary Mamon
                      "The line-of-sight velocity modulation of
                      star formation diagnostics in and near
                      galaxy clusters: observations and theory"

     DAY 2: Tuesday, September 7

     9:00-9:30   Alfonso Aragon Salamanca
                     "Galaxy evolution in clusters since z~1"

     9:30-9:50   Olga Cucciati
                     "The role of galaxy stellar mass in the colour-density
                     relation up to z~1"

     9:50-10:10  David Sobral                                   
                     "From poor fields to rich clusters: the
                      detailed role of the environment on
                      galaxy formation and evolution at z~1"

     10:10-10:30   Ruth Grutzbauch                                
                      "Galaxy properties in different environments
                      at high redshift in the GOODS NICMOS Survey"

     10:30 Coffee break
     12:30 Lunch

     14:30-15:00   Gabriella De Lucia
                      "Modelling the evolution of galaxies as a
                      function of environment"

     15:00-15:20   David Wilman                                   
                      "The origin of the morphology-density relation"

     15:20-15:40   Ewa Lokas                                      
                      "The grouping, merging and tidal stirring of
                      dwarf galaxies in the Local Group"

     15:40-16:10   Jeffrey Kenney                               
                      "Ram Pressure Stripping and Gravitational
                      Interactions in Groups and Clusters"

     16:10 Coffee break

     16:30-16:50   Gerhard Hensler
                      "Ram-pressure-stripped galaxies -
                      Which are their survivors?"
     16:50-17:20   Sadegh Khochfar                                
                      "Gravity at work: How high density
                      environments regulate galaxy properties"

     17:20-18:20   Frank van den Bosch

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