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The JENAM 2010 Plenary Sessions are focused on themes of broad interest to the European community. Invited and  highlight talks will present results and activities developed by researchers and major facilities for Astronomy, Space Sciences and Technologies. 
This year, on Monday Sep 6, will inaugurate the EAS "Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture" award talk. Lodewijk Woltjer made significant contributions to theoretical astrophysics from his fundamental work on the Crab nebula and his studies on hydromagnetic equilibrium to the energy source of Radio Galaxies and Quasars. Under his leadership as Director General, ESO signed the VLT contract and established itself as one of the world's leading astronomical institutes. This inaugural tak will be given by L. Woltjer himself. More information available at the EAS web.
The EAS "Tycho Brahe Prize" for 2010 has been awarded to Raymond Wilson. Dr Wilson is one of the fathers of active optics which revolutionised the world of large telescopes. He led the first implementation of active optics  - at the pioneering New Technology Telescope at ESO’s La Silla Observatory. All major telescopes are now built with this technology. He has also very recently shared the prestigious million dollar Kavli Foundation award.  Raymond Wilson will talk on the Friday, Sep 10, Plenary Session.
ESO will have a dedicated Plenary Session on Tuesday, Sep 7. In addition to the ESO Special Sessionon on ALMA early science,  Bruno Leibundgut, Director of ESO' s Office for Science, will give a Plenary presentation on ESO and the E-ELT, followed by the leader of the ESO Survey Team Magda Arnaboldi.
If you are a member of the European Astronomical Society, then you shouldn't miss the Plenary Session on Wednesday, Sep 8. It will host the EAS General Assembly. If you're not a member, why not become one?  After the EAS GA it will be the Portuguese Astronomical Society's turn.
The Plenary Session on Thursday, Sep 9, is dedicated to ESA.  Jean Clavel (Head of the Astrophysics Missions Division) will give a presentation on the ESA Science Programme, followed by fresh Herschel results given by Göran Pilbratt and Rosetta fly-by results by Rita Schulz. ESA will also have on Thursday a Special Session of selected topics with emphasis on science areas covered in the symposia of JENAM 2010.
The Friday, Sep 10, Plenary Session will also feature the Global Director of SPDO, the SKA Project Development Office, Richard Schilizzi. After ALMA, and together with the E-ELT, SKA is one of the next big things in worldwide ground based Astronomical facilites. By itself, SKA has its own JENAM 2010 Symposium.
Another centrepiece of the Planary Sessions are the Highlight talks by young outstanding researchers. On Tuesday, Sep 7Enric Pallé (IAC) will address "The Earth as a distant planet". And on Thursday, Sep 9, reaching the opposite edge of astronomical spatial scales, Catherine Heymans (ROE) will talk to us about "Charting the dark Universe".
More information and detailed layout of the schedule at the Programme link.
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